About Natalie

About Natalie Ford Brown

Natalie Ford Brown is a singer-songwriter delivering elements of Americana rock, country, and folk blues. Playing covers and originals, her band stays true to the music – providing a blazing, authentic roots rock sound with strong country and blues influences.

americana rock“Natalie has been a performing artist since the age of five. She has appeared onstage and on camera in many different platforms, ranging from electric and acoustic sets to dance performances to music videos.

Natalie’s passions lie in several art forms. She has been a music lover for her entire life but within the past few years has decided to completely commit herself to its pursuit. Natalie rediscovered her love for playing the guitar and singing about four years ago when she returned to an eclectic gathering of musicians that happens weekly in Venice, CA.

Natalie then decided that she wanted to finally embark on this journey to which she had always felt called. Brown feels closest to her Spirit when she is in the midst of performing something that is meaningful to her, because she knows that it is a Power greater than herself that has given her these abilities and opportunities. She hopes to be able to encourage others to follow their dreams and pursue their passions as well by witnessing her testimony. Natalie has battled successfully through many personal demons, and the Power of Music has been a huge driving force for helping her through her own personal struggles. Spirituality is of paramount importance in her life.

Natalie is very excited to be starting her journey as a music artist. She recommitted herself to music at age 27 and feels very strongly of that significance because of the myriad deaths of musicians that have occurred at age 27. She hopes to be able to carry the strength and hope that we can push through any hardship and be set free with the gift and blessing of the art of music.”